SNC – Single National Curriculum Pakistan – NOTESPK

Key Considerations of Single National Curriculum (SNC) Pakistan

The development of SNC is driven by the following key considerations ( as per the Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training, Government of Pakistan):

  • Teachings of Quran and Sunnah, In Sha ALLAH
  • Vision of Quaid (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) and Iqbal (Allama Muhammad Iqbal)
  • Constitutional framework
  • National Policies, Aspirations and National Standards
  • Alignment with the goals & targets of SDG-4
  • Emerging international trends in teaching, learning & assessment
  • Outcomes-based approach
  • Focus on Values, Skills-Based and Inclusive Education
  • Respect & appreciation for different cultures & Religions
  • Promotion of intellectual, spiritual, aesthetic, emotional, social, and physical development of learners
  • Move away from rote memorization & Focus on Project, Inquiry, and Activity Based Learning
  • Development of 21st-century skills including Analytical, Critical, and Creative Thinking.
  • Use of modern Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Alignment with Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study – (TIMSS)

Phases of Single National Curriculum (SNC)

Single National Curriculum (SNC) is being developed in three phases:

  1. Phase I consists of the Development of SNC and textbooks   Pre I-V             (March 2021), In Sha ALLAH
  2. Phase II consists of the Development of SNC and textbooks VI-VIII             (March 2022), In Sha ALLAH
  3. Phase III consists of the Development of SNC and textbooks IX-XII            (March 2023), In Sha ALLAH

Here is the link to the Single National Curriculum (SNC) free PDF file of available subjects consisting of  MCQs for practice for Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 & Grade 5.

Click Here for SNC MCQs Notes

SNC data will be upgraded/uploaded with the passage of time, In Sha ALLAH.

Smart Work Sheets / Tracings



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