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Basics of Computer for the preparation of ESE / SESE / SSE Educator’s jobs 2021 – PPSC Test Preparation

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Here are some questions from Computer Science Subject to assess your previous knowledge to get ready to appear in Educators Jobs 2021. If you are appearing in Test / Interview in Education Department or you are a teacher, and you want to make your preparation more comprehensive and good, you must study these Teacher Guides. You will find, also, links below to the PDF files for basic knowledge of Educators Tests, which can be downloaded for Free. Scroll down to download Free PDF Basic Data for the tests of Educators (ESE / SESE / SSE / SED Jobs) 2021.

Practice Multiple Choice Questions for Educators PPSC Test 2021 (Computer Science). Answers to the following MCQs / Questions are given in the PDF File, the link is given at the end of these MCQs Questions.

Encircle the Correct Option.

1) How many elements a problem has?

a) 1 b) 3 c) 4 d) 2

2) What is the solution to a problem called?

a) Problem Solving b) Problem statement c) Identifying problem d) Ignoring problem

3) A ___________ is an obstacle, hurdle, difficulty or challenge, or any situation that needs to be removed or solved.

a) Answers b) Solution c) Situation d) Problems  

4) What is the name of the problem statement element that we give to the computer as raw material to solve the problem?

a) Input b) Output c) Process d) Ideas

5) ___________ is the result which is obtained by processing the input data.

a) Input b) Output c) Process d) Algorithm

6) Which symbol is used to show the decision process in the flow chart?

a) Oval b) Rectangle c) Diamond d) Parallelogram

7) In flowchart which symbol uses only one flow line?

a) Terminal b) Processing c) Decision d) Input

8) Which symbol is used to represent a process in the flow chart?

a) Oval b) Rectangle c) Diamond d) None

9) Which is the problem-solving activity?

a) Problem statement b) Problem solving c) Flow charting d) Programmingd)  

10) The first step in solving a problem is:

a) Problem statement b) Program c) Flow chart d) Decision making

11) The goal of _____________ is to get the desired result in a short and perfect manner:

a) Problem solvinga)   b) Problem statement c) Identifying problem d) Flow chart

12) Output is also called:

a) Problem b) Problem statement c) Problem description d) Solutiond)  

13) Which tool helps the user in problem-solving?

a) Spreadsheet b) Flow chart c) Networking d) Problem statement

14) Flowcharting use standardized sets of:

a) Numbers b) Symbols c) Alphabets d) Special numbers

15) Which does not appear as a symbol in a flow chart?

a) Start b) Print c) End d) Process

16) In a flow chart, a rectangular box is:

a) A start symbol b) An end symbol c) A Decision symbol d) A processing Symbol

17) A Flow chart is read from:

a) Top to bottom b) Right to left c) Bottom to Top d) Left to right

18) A diamond symbol in a flow chart represents:

a) Decision b) Process c) Start d) End

19) Arrowheads with flow line show:

a) Where branching starts b) How data is processed c) The flow of any process in a flow chart d) The starting point of the flowchart

20) Which symbols have at least two lines coming out?

a) Process b) Input c) Decision d) Output

21) Which symbol is used for two purposes in a flow chart?

a) Rectangle b) Diamond c) Line d) Oval

22) Which symbol is used for input/output purposes in a flow chart?

a) Parallelogram b) Diamond c) Rectangle d) Oval

23) Electronic worksheet used to organize, manipulate and graph numeric or non-numeric details:

a) Spreadsheet b) Word processing c) Database d) Powerpoint

24) A spreadsheet can be used for:

a) Budget b) Loan repayments c) Keep track of income d) All of these

25) It is a table that displays data in columns and rows:

a) Power point b) Word processing c) Database d) Spreadsheet

26) Most commonly used spreadsheet program is:

a) Power point b) MS Word c) Excel d) Database

27) A sheet with a grid of columns and rows is called:

a) Workbook b) Worksheet c) Video d) Animation

28) The horizontal rows in Excel screen are identified  by :

a) Alphabet b) Numbersb)   c) Special characters d) Symbols

29) A sheet tab appears at the____________of Excel window.

a) Top b) Bottom c) Left d) Right

30) The vertical columns in Excel screen are identified with:

a) Alphabets b) Numbers c) Symbols d) Animation

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