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Basics of Science for the preparation of ESE / SESE / SSE Educator’s jobs 2021 – PPSC Test Preparation

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Here are some questions from Science to assess your previous knowledge to get ready to appear in Educators Jobs 2021. You will find, also, links below to the PDF files for basic knowledge of Educators Tests, which can be downloaded for Free. Scroll down to download Free PDF Basic Data for the tests of Educators (ESE / SESE / SSE / SED Jobs) 2021. If you are appearing in Test / Interview in Education Department or you are a teacher, you must study these Teacher Guides.

Practice MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) for Educators PPSC Test 2021 (Science). Answers to the following MCQs / Questions are given in the PDF File, the link is given at the end of these MCQs Questions.

1) ____________actions are not performed under conscious control:

a) Involuntary b) Reflex action c) All of them d) Voluntary

2) Muscles and glands in the body act as:

a) Effectors b) Cranial Nerves c) Spinal Nerves d) Receptors

3) The neurons which decide about the actions for a certain stimulus:

a) All of them b) Motor Neuron c) Sensory Neuron d) Inter Neuron

4) The parts of the neuron which receive messages are :

a) Nuclei b) Dendrites c) Cell Bodies d) Axons

5) Heartbeat is controlled by:

a) Hypothalamus b) Cerebrum c) Medulla Oblongata d) Cerebellum

6) Many axons present side by side and enclosed in a common sheath:

a) Spinal Cord b) Dendrites c) Nerve Cell d) Nerve

7) Sensory neurons carry messages towards:

a) Muscles b) Muscles and Glands c) Brain and Spinal cord d) Sense organs

8) The part of body that filters nitrogenous wastes from the blood:

a) Stomach b) Intestine c) Liver d) Kidney

9) Coordination between the parts of the body is called:

a) Excretory system b) Nervous System c) PNS d) CNS

10) The central nervous system is made of :

a) Spinal cord b) All body parts c) Brain d) Brain and Spinal cord

11) Neuron or nerve cell is the basic structural and functional unit of :

a) Organ System b) Nervous System c) Spinal cord d) None

12) Cell body contains:

a) Cytoplasm b) Neurons c) Nucleus d) Nucleus and Cytoplasm

13) A nerve is an enclosed, cable-like bundle of:

a) Axon b) Cytoplasm c) Dendrites d) Neurons

14) On the basis of their functions, neurons are of ………. types:

a) Three b) Two c) Four d) Five

15) Human brain is enclosed in a bony skull called:

a) Cerebellum b) Cranium c) Cerebrum d) Medulla Oblongata

16) The brain of an adult man consists of neurons:

a) 100,000,000 b) 100,000,000,000 c) 100,000,000,0 d) 100,000,000,00

17) Fore-brain consists of :

a) Thalamus b) Cerebrum c) Hypothalamus d) All of above

18) Hindbrain consists of parts:

a) Three b) Two c) Four d) Five

19) __________ are the parts of Hindbrain:

a) All of above b) Medulla Oblongata c) Cerebellum d) Pons

20) Pons is a structure of:

a) Square b) Circular              c) Cone d) Oval

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