9th Physics Chapter Wise, Half Book, Full Book Test Papers

9th Physics Test Series – Chapter Wise, Half Book, Full Book Test Papers. Chapter Wise, Half Book, Full Book Test Series with Syllabus. 9th Physics – Chapter Wise Solved Test Papers. 9th Physics Chapter Wise, Half Book, Full Book Test Papers.

Chapter Wise / Unit-wise Tests by NOTESPK

9th Class PHYSICS Chapter Wise / Unit Wise Tests

NOTESPK Unit Wise Tests, with Syllabus:

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Chapter Wise Test Series (9th Physics)

9th Class Physics Brain Test Series

Unit Wise / Chapter Wise Test Series / Test Papers with different versions of the syllabus for class 9 Physics. The syllabus of each test of 9th class Physics is mentioned on the test. Duel Medium  Chapter Wise Test Series in different versions with chapter-wise solved tests. Urdu and English Medium Chapter Wise Test Papers for Class 9 Physics with Chapter Wise Tests Solution.

9th Class Physics Versatile Test Series

Unit Wise, Quarter Wise / Pair Wise Tests, Half Book Tests, and Full Book Tests for Class 9 Physics. The syllabus is mentioned on each test. Separate Urdu Medium and English Medium Chapter Wise, Half Book, Full Book Test Series / Test Papers. The Solution of MCQs / Answer Key is also given with tests in PDF file. 9th Physics Test Series with the syllabus.

9th Class Physics Full Syllabus Smart Test Series.

NOTESPK offers Full Syllabus Smart Test Series for Class 9 Physics. You may have Chapterwise Tests, Half Book Tests, Full Book Tests, Quarterwise Tests, and Multiple Choice Questions Tests. Students of class 9 will be able to get impressive marks after the continuous practice of 9th class Physics tests. In Sha ALLAH.

9th Class Physics Chapter Number 1: Physics Chapter 1.

9th Class Physics Chapter Number 2: Physics Chapter 2

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9th Class Physics – Chapter Wise / Topic Wise Content List

Physics Class 9 / Unit 1:  Physical Quantities and Measurement.
  • 1.1   Introduction to Physics
  • 1.2   Physical Quantities
  • 1.3   International System of Units
  • 1.4   Prefixes
  • 1.5   Scientific Notation
  • 1.6   Measuring Instruments
  • 1.7   Significant Figures
9th Physics Chapter / Unit 2:  Kinematics.
  • 2.1   Rest and Motion
  • 2.3   Scalars and Vectors
  • 2.4   Terms Associated with Motion
  • 2.5   Graphical Analysis of Motion
  • 2.6   Equations of Motion
  • 2.7   Motion of Freely Falling Bodies
9th Physics Chapter / Unit 3: Dynamics.
  • 3.1   Force, Inertia, and Momentum
  • 3.2 Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • 3.3   Friction
  • 3.4   Uniform Circular Motion
Physics Class 9 / Unit 4:  Turning Effect of Forces.
  • 4.1   Like and Unlike Parallel Forces
  • 4.2   Addition and Forces
  • 4.3   Resolution of Forces
  • 4.4   Torque of Moment of a Force
  • 4.5   Principle of Moments
  • 4.6   Centre of Mass
  • 4.7   Couple
  • 4.8   Equilibrium
Physics Class 9 / Unit 5:  Gravitation.
  • 5.1   The Force of Gravitation
  • 5.2   Mass of the Earth
  • 5.3   Variation of g with Altitude
  • 5.4   Artificial Satellites
9th Physics Chapter / Unit 6:  Work and Energy.
  • 6.1   Work
  • 6.2   Energy
  • 6.3   Kinetic Energy
  • 6.4   Potential Energy
  • 6.5   Forms of Energy
  • 6.6   Interconversion Energy
  • 6.7   Major Sources of Energy
  • 6.8   Efficiency
  • 6.9   Power
Physics Class 9 / Unit 7: Properties of Matter.
  • 7.1   Kinetic Molecular Model of Matter
  • 7.2   Density
  • 7.3   Pressure
  • 7.4   Atmospheric Pressure
  • 7.5   Pressure in Liquids
  • 7.7   Principle of Floatation
  • 7.8   Elasticity
  • 7.9   Hooks Law
  • 7.6   Archimedes Principle
Physics Class 9 / Unit 8:  Thermal Properties of Matter.
  • 8.1  Temperature and Heat
  • 8.2   Thermometer
  • 8.3   Specific Heat Capacity
  • 8.4   Change of State
  • 8.5   Latent Heat of Fusion
  • 8.6   Latent Heat of Vaporization
  • 8.7  The Evaporation
  • 8.8   Thermal Expansion
9th Physics / Unit 9:  Transfer of Heat.
  • 9.1  Transfer of Heat
  • 9.2   Conduction
  • 9.3   Convection
  • 9.4   Radiation
  • 9.5   Application and Consequences of Radiation


Chapter Wise Test Papers – Physics 9th. Chapter Wise Solved Papers for 9th Physics. Urdu Medium Test Series – Physics Class 9. English Medium Test Series – Physics Class 9. Chapter Wise Tests, Half Book Tests, Full Book Tests – 9th Physics. 9th Physics Test Series by NOTESPK. 9th Physics Chapter Wise, Half Book, Full Book Test Papers.

BsISE Punjab

The 9th Class Test Series is for the following BsISE of Punjab: BISE Multan, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, and BISE Lahore. BISE Faisalabad, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Dera Ghazi Khan, BISE Rawalpindi, and BISE Bahawalpur. (All Punjab Boards of Education, BsISE Punjab).


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