1st Year English Grammar Tests – Full Syllabus Smart Test Series

1st Year English Grammar Tests in Different Versions by NOTESPK.

11th Class English Grammar Tests Papers – Full Syllabus Smart Test Series

The more we practice, the more we learn is a well-said sentence. The same is the case in studies, here we are concerned with 1st year/11th class English Grammar. F.Sc/F.A./Intermediate (Part I) requires a good deal of practice for obtaining very good marks in the institute and final exams, as is the case with 1st Year English Grammar. NOTESPK team with the help of senior teachers or educationists prepares trusted, standard & easily understandable notes for different classes and provides them on notespk.com free for the welfare of the education of Pakistan.

When we study good & standard notes and work hard for exams or tests, then we need a proper test system, so, NOTESPK is providing you Smart Test Series from Full Syllabus for 1st Year English Grammar. When we divide our work into portions/parts with a suitable schedule. This will help in getting prepared well for the exam/tests of 1st year English Grammar and other subjects as well. That is why, Smart Test Series for 1st Year English Grammar (F. Sc. Part I) has been divided into Chapter Wise tests, Half Book Tests, and Full Books Tests with a variety of test papers in different versions.

Here are the links of 1st Year English Grammar (11 Versions, In Sha ALLAH)

1st Year English Grammar Version 1 1st Year English Grammar Version 21st Year English Grammar Version 31st Year English Grammar Version 41st Year English Grammar Version 5

Click Here for English Grammar Tests Version 6 to 11


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