10th Class English Paragraphs

Paragraph Writing

A paragraph on a theme or a subject is a short piece of meaningful composition.  It avoids elaborate details of the subject. A paragraph is a complete unit in itself. It is not split up into different paras. In its brief, precise and to the point treatment  of the subject, it has a shape, format and a style of its own.

A paragraph  like  an essay, shows your  command  of vocabulary,  grammar  and idiomatic expression.  It also indicates your degree of knowledge  of the theme or subject under discussion. You are supposed to have adequate knowledge and information relevant to the subject. Your choice of vocabulary should be appropriate. You can draw on the textbook vocabulary  to  express  your  ideas.  You may  have  come  across  many  more  words  in magazines,   fiction,  newspapers,   commercials   and  advertisements.   All  this  fund  of vocabulary will surely make your paragraphs interesting as well as original.


My School

My school is a place of great charm for me. Although its building is pretty old, it seems to cast a spell on us. Some of the walls are massive and ceilings are very high. Even the cruel summer fails to make our classrooms hot and humid. The location of my school is just by the side of the historic fort. The high walls of the fort, scarred with signs of wind and weather,  look wonderful.  They have a mystery  of their own. We understand  our history lesson very well because of the nearness to the famous fort. The teaching staff at my school is kind and devoted. A large playground  with a row of evergreen tall trees faces the school building. What is more, it is away from all the hustle and bustle of the main road. I am glad that my school is far ahead of others in good results, sports, debates, library and scouting.

Girl Guides

Girl Guides is a British organization of girls. It was founded by Baden Powell and his sister Lady Agnes in 1910. The main objective of this movement  is to make teenage girls conscious of their responsibilities. A member, a girl guide, is given a variety of programmes that shape her character. She learns, in association with other girl guides, how to keep herself clean and healthy. She is instructed how to build her moral and social character. She learns the basic  facts about courtesy  and etiquette.  Furthermore,  a girl guide is taught how to develop home making abilities. She learns household skills like cooking, knitting, stitching, planning and maintenance.


A Visit to a Museum

The Lahore Museum is an important place where works of art and other objects of historical value are kept and displayed. It is an old imposing building with a high ceiling. The in-charge of the museum is called the curator. Our well-informed teacher took us to different sections of the beautiful museum. There were neatly arranged glass-cases which displayed ancient swords, daggers, garments, ornaments, coins, bows and arrows. The items on display had tags with brief descriptions. Paintings, pictures and clay models were exhibiting ancient craftsmanship. The huge statue of Queen Victoria was laid in one room of the museum. There were old manuscripts  of the Holy Quran in another room. Full-size doors and frames with primitive fittings were specimens of rare woodwork craftsmanship. The impressive display in the museum gave us a wealth of information and insight into our past. It was a rewarding visit indeed.


A Visit to a Hospital

Last summer, I went to the hospital with my father to enquire after the health of his injured friend. I saw the pitiable condition of patients in the ward. There were about 30 beds with  patients  either  lying  or reclining.  About  half  a dozen  of patients  were  moaning miserably and their condition was critical. One of them stopped moaning after about half an hour and I was shocked to learn that he had expired. After a couple of hospital formalities, the dead body was handed over to his relatives. In the nearby outdoor department of the hospital, there were pathetic scenes. Ailing children were wailing; a few women suffering from some disease were lying outside under a tree. They looked more like skeletons. An unconscious patient was being carried on a stretcher. Some boys were brought  on cots with fractured bones. A profusely bleeding woman, injured in an accident, was being taken to the casualty ward. There were some bandaged patients who winced with pain. The courtyard  and the corridors  were  crowded  and the  sight of suffering was unbearable.  Before  leaving  the hospital, I muttered sincere prayers for the recovery of patients.



No doubt, it is the age of fashion. The fascination with fashion is particularly very strong in our cities. Adults as well as teenagers know fully well the social importance  of fashion. The craze to look smart and up-to-date  is becoming  even stronger. The garment industry, attractive  advertising  and films are mainly responsible  for this craze. The T.V. commercials  and the press have also affected and captured the imagination  of the people. Pakistanis working abroad have poured in a lot of money in recent years. Shopping plazas and markets have sprung up everywhere. Foreign designs and elegant dressmaking are very much in demand. Every week, there are full-page colour pictures of fashion-wears, powders, perfumes   and cosmetics.   Fabrics,  footwear,  furniture,   fast food and video  films have become the  fashions   of the  day.  People   in cities  seem  to have  given  themselves    away  to  shifting fashions,  which  move  like windstorms.   The glitter  of advertisements    makes  everything   look like  gold.  However,   we  should  be on our guard  because   all that  glitters  may  not be gold  in some cases.


A River in Flood

Last summer, I was in my village, about 20 miles south of Jhang. For over a week, the wet spell had been a delightful experience. The rain was driven in sharp bursts by the rushing wind. One morning, in the early hours there went up a cry “water, water”. The Chenab was in flood. There was water in our big courtyard. The low-lying part of the village was under three feet of water. Panic gripped the whole village. There were bushels on almost every head. Most of the folks started moving through the flooded fields towards the nearby high mound. It was a scene of great misery. From the comer of the high mound, I had the first glimpse of the river in flood. The entire area upto the far-off road bridge and even beyond was just one sheet of muddy water. Logs were seen floating fast. The trees all around, with half of their trunks in water, stood firm like unfolded umbrellas. Far below, we saw the floating bodies of horses and cows. The water all around and the floating objects in it filled our heart with dread. vii.


A Dream

A couple of nights ago, I had a terrible dream. Strangely enough, I found myself right on the roof-top of a three-storey building. It was probably our ancestral house at Sankhatra. The view from the top was magnificent. The far and wide green fields, the winding road and the far-off misty hills had a perfect setting. Suddenly, I felt a jolt and the building began to move sideways, like a swing. It was an earthquake jerk. A terrific jerk made the building lean dangerously, and then the top storey along with me, went down to the ground like a fallen tree. I saw it fall so vividly as if l were awake. Luckily, I was not hurt at all. Then I saw a tall, mighty tree. Its leaves and branches  disappeared  suddenly as if by magic. Its huge trunk began to shake and then it crashed with a tearing sound. I woke up and felt horrified. I began to recite verses of the Holy Quran, due to which I felt a bit relaxed in about half an hour.


 How to Keep Our Town Clean?

Cleanliness is next to godliness. We must give a serious thought to this golden truth. Neat and clean environment has a cheerful effect. It is a sure sign of civilization. Knowledge is a great blessing of Allah. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to receive education. As school going boys and girls, it is our responsibility  to keep our town clean. We ought to develop civic sense. We should not throw fruit and vegetable  peels all over the street. A banana or melon peel thrown carelessly  on the road may cause a fracture or even death. Plastic, polythene and wooden items should not be thrown into manholes. A choked gutter spreads filth and stench all over the street. Life becomes  miserable.  Spitting  is another problem  as it causes disease and insanitation.  We can politely prevent  one another from spitting on floors. We should not throw hard things or stones into toilets. We should not be shy of taking a broom and sweeping the littered portion of the street in front of our door. We should take care of trees, plants  and flower-beds  in parks.  If we happen  to pass by an unattended running water tap, we should stop and close it. As citizens,  we should be vigilant and  should  report  to the municipality  if its staff neglects  its duty. We can also add to cleanliness  if we  sprinkle  water  on our portion  of the road. Dust  and pollution  can be effectively controlled  if everyone  lends a helping hand. Allah loves people who practise purity and cleanliness.


An Industrial Exhibition

An industrial exhibition was arranged in Islamabad in March last year. The intention of the organizers was to exhibit industrial products at one place. The trading community and the general public showed keen interest in the products. Accompanied  by my elder brother and sisters, I went around the elegant and brightly lit stalls. Exhibits included textiles and garments,  electrical  goods,  household  items, handicrafts,  glass wares,  furniture,  sewing machines and stainless steel. The Pakistan Railways and WAPDA had put up informatory stalls. Heavy industrial goods, rollers, water pumps, tube-well equipment, motors,  fertilizers and machinery  were  also on display. Prices  of consumer  goods  were  quite reasonable. Manufacturers  were selling their products  at reduced rates. Besides, there were food and entertainment stalls which attracted the cheerful crowd.


My Neighbour

Mr. Ashraf  Minhas  is my next door neighbour.  He is a handsome,  middle  aged scholar with a vigorous zest for life. He is a real gentleman with a lot of goodwill. You could not wish to meet a better natured and hospitable man. He likes gardening. His garden is full of flowers in spring. He invites his neighbours and entertains them warmly. He delights everybody with fond details oflovely  flowers and their blooming patterns. Mr. Minhas is an optimist by nature, that is why he never worries himself over trifles. He has a remarkable sense ofhumour, which helps him in getting along well with his neighbours. He has a son and a daughter. They are known for their fine tastes and good manners.


A Meena Bazaar

At our school a meena bazaar was held in the first week of February. There was quite a big crowd of chattering girls in the front lawn. They were radiant and relaxed because there was no teaching that day. There were different stalls set up by teachers and senior students. There were potfuls of different food items with tasty sauces neatly arranged on big tables. Girl shopkeepers were quite alert and efficient. The girl customers tried little tricks with the stall-holders  and laughed heartily. Sizzling pakoras,  fruit-chat, shami kababs and chicken sticks were in great demand. Senior students had assistants with them. They kept an eye on the light spirited and naughty customers. There was a very entertaining variety show in the afternoon. Our principal donated the sale money to a charitable organization.


A Road Accident

I witnessed an accident on the Lahore – Narowal road. It was a very sad spectacle. The road on the spot was littered with broken glass and bits of iron bars. The luggage of the passengers of the bus was in a muddy sideway nullah. There were little pools of blood with bricks around them. A head-on collision between a bus and a truck had taken place. Two persons were killed on the spot and five others sustained serious injuries. The bus was lying on one side with its heavy wheels raised high in the air. The police arrived, took necessary measures and recorded statements.


 Pakistani Women

Women in Pakistan have begun to take an active part indifferent  spheres of life.  Job opportunities  for them in the past were few. By and large, women worked as lady doctors, nurses, health visitors and teachers during the first ten years of Pakistan.  But spheres for women now are greater than ever before. They seem well on the way to become even more active  in the near  future.  They  compete  successfully  in the  Central  Superior  Services examinations.  They are holding responsible  positions  in administration,  customs, income tax, railways,  foreign  services, police  and postal  departments.  Some of them are in the assemblies  as M.N.As.  Quite a number of educated women are in banks and businesses. Pakistan had its first-ever woman Prime Minister in 1988 – 90 and again in 1994 –  1996. The women of Pakistan are now more conscious of their social and political  status in the  twenty-first century.


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